Dreaming of the Grasshopper Festival

How cool would it be to hop an RV for a couple of months and hit the road?  I’ve been fantasizing about contacting the marketing folks at GO RV’ing and offering my services.  Since social media is all the rage these days, I envision this group actually paying me to share my adventures on the open road via my blog.  Unfortunately, I’d have to have, like, a million followers of my blog before my pitch would be considered.  [Kicking myself for not being ahead of the blogging curve.] 

“Reporting live from the Grasshopper Festival in Smalltown, Iowa.”  I would take my cue from the Steve Hartman segment on CBS where he blindfolds himself and throws a dart at the map of The United States.  Whereever the dart lands, he goes.  I have even thought about pitching my idea to the folks that promote tourism within our country’s borders.  I for one, want to see all that my own country has to offer before I go abroad. 

So to all of my blog fans out there, won’t you put in a good word for me?

[crickets churping]

I thought I said, “Grasshopper Festival”?


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One response to “Dreaming of the Grasshopper Festival

  1. AE

    I REALLY like this idea…and “fosho” you can’t travel across this vast country all by yoursel!!

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