The Saturday Junk Hunt

I went to bed last night thinking I was going to sleep-in this morning, but the junk gods wouldn’t let that happen.  They knew there were a few goodies in store for me.  My eyes shot open (albeit a little late) at 7:00a.m. and I was out the door by 7:15. 

It was the first treasure of the day that made me think I might be able to finally lay the memory of the $5 retro chair to rest.  Ok, maybe not, but I patted myself on the back just the same. 

***Ed. NOTE:  The following photos should speak volumes as to why I don’t have children!***



I know, I know.  That stinkin’ retro chair is more my style but its more about the conversation overheard that makes this crib such a score.  “Oh, I would have sooooooo bought that crib had we been here two minutes earlier.  Think about how cute it would be once you shabby chic it!”  I thought to myself, “Yeah, ummmmm, exactly.  That’s exactly what I plan to do with it.  Shabby chic it.” 

Not really.  I mean, I knew it needed a little bit of love, but I ain’t never shabby chic’ed anything.  But I had to pretend I was on the same page as these obvious Junk Veterans.  How else could I confidently toss my hair over my shoulder and skip to the truck with my new found treasure?

**My defense when it was brought to my attention that I had this crib set upside down was that to point out there are, in fact, babies in this world that get seasick.**


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