Yard Sale Euphoria

Those of us that yard sale are well aware of the window of opportunity.  The clock starts ticking very early and by the time 11:00a.m. rolls around, you can pretty much assume all of the goodies have started their new life with their new owners. 

Every now and then, you stumble upon one that, perhaps got a later start, thus shifting the window of opportunity just a bit.  That happened this weekend and take a look what I found.

Look–it even has some of the original accessory pieces!!  Would you believe me if I told you I only paid $2?  I also paid $2 for wooden picnic basket and $2 for a big box of those happy Christmas/ice branch thingies.  Yet, the question still has to be posed:  “Wonder what other cool stuff I could have gotten my hands on had I gotten hear earlier?”  Oh, how I quickly sober myself up from the $6 euphoria.  Regardless, I had a blast and am super proud of my new treasures.


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