The Early Bird Passes on Krispy Kreme

***WARNING**** This is a long post, but half of the fun in sharing yard sale successes is hearing the whole story, right?

I have been on cloud nine all day.  To the point I think I might have a serious problem.  The feeling I have felt today is the reason they have support groups for gamblers–I am sure of it!  Because you see, yard saling is a lot like gambling.  You win some, you lose some. And today, I hit the jackpot–BIG TIME!!

A little backstory first…

If you remember how I told you mama and I were going to embark on an adventure?  Well, turns out we are good to go in the accessory department…both of our homes runneth over!  The means by which to display such accessories…not so much.  You can’t very well lease booth space at the local antique mall and scatter chotzkies all over the floor, now can you?  No sir.  That’s the equivalent of a yard sale with wares laid out on a blue tarp – yuk!  With the goal being August 1st to “open shop”, mama and I have been scouting thrift stores and yard sales for shelving, book cases, tables, etc.  But you know how it is, had we not been looking for said items, they would have been plentiful, but since we were, we’ve come up empty handed.  I know what you’re thinking….Yes, the logical thing would be to “open shop” once we had everything in order, but that just doesn’t satisfy my desire to have it all- yesterday. With plastic shelves from Wal-Mart being my last resort, I knew I had this morning before work and Saturday morning to scour a few yardsales in the hopes of getting my hands on at least a book shelf or two.  Something

I left the house a few minutes after seven this morning, headed to a yardsale that was advertised in the paper.  I turned onto the street and began looking for the cars (it’s easier to look for a gathering of cars than it is to identify house numbers.)  Well, there were no cars so I had to look harder for identification and I found it with a tiny sign on a light pole near the house.  As I slowly drove past, you know, to do the preliminary scanning, I thought to myself, “This ain’t gonna be worth getting sweaty and sticky [from the heat and the humidity] before work.”  But I gave it a go anyway.  I was already there, might as well.  Besides, I had already told myself if this yardsale were a bust, I would run by Krispy Kreme and get donuts for the office….but alas, my heart wasn’t into doing a good deed for anyone but myself, so I turned around.

I was greeted by a gal wearing a coconut bra and drinking a bottle of Miller Lite.  “Is that bra for sale?” I asked.  “It is if you wanna buy it,” she said as she took a swig of her beer.  “You know, I think it might be a little early for a coconut bra, but thanks anyway.”  Meanwhile, three men emerge from the house each wearing a plastic fireman’s hat, a tiny police officer’s hat, and a cowboy hat.  “C’mon in to Cowboy Bob’s sale of the century!” Shouted Cowboy Hat.  “Everythings gotta go.  We’re headin’ up and movin’ out!” 

By this time I had already committed for two reasons.  1.   Stepping foot on the porch and 2. Engaging in conversation with the yardsale hosts.  They were still putting price stickers on the items displayed on the porch when Coconut Bra informed me there was more inside.  My ears perked up.  I nonchalantly made my way to the front door, kinda like when you go into Ann Taylor Loft and try not to make a beeline for the clearance rack, when…

AAaaaaaaallelujah!  My eyes quickly darted to a particle board bookshelf, then over to the most awesome multi-drawered cabinet, then across the room to a bamboo/wood shelf, then back across the room to yet another particle board bookshelf, then to a fabulous old lamp, and over to the coolest little jewelry box that I immediately imagined painted white, and then came to rest at a corner shelving unit.  Ho-ly Crap, I think to myself.  Are you kiddin’ me?!  I looked at my watch; 7:15a.m.  With 45 minutes to haggle prices, make smart purchases, present the money to pay for it all, and discuss delivery arrangements, I had to act fast. 

“How much for this?”  $5.  “I’ll take it.”  “How much for that?”  $10.  “I’ll take it.”  Then I got overwhelmed.  I asked the yard sale hostess if she had a piece of paper and a pen.  I told her we would go along, I would ask her the price, she would quote it, and I would say yes or no.  If I said yes, she would write it down and then we would tally everything up at the end.  On your mark…get set…GO!  When I tell you I felt like I was on the gameshow Supermarket Sweep, I ain’t lyin’!  Sure I might have passed up on a few good deals, paid a little more for something than I should have, but I did a little hagglin’ so it all evens out.  By the time we were through, I did $82 worth of damage.  Damage I wasn’t prepared to do at 7:30 in the morning before work on a Friday, so I had to haul tail to the convenient store ATM (the convenient store I swore I’d never patronize…more on that later) to get more cash.  Somehow, I made it back in time to pay the yard sale hostess, load up what would fit in the Jeep, and make it to work by 8:00a.m.  A yard saling record, I am sure.  I am still reeling for excitement only with one concern…how will I ever top this?

Without further adieu…A few of the goods: 

 I snagged all of this, plus one more piece (that refused to get in the lineup when I announced it was time for pictures) within an hour time span before work Friday morning!  Well, almost all of it.  The treasure chest holding the two scotch bottles and glasses is the product of Saturday morning’s venture, but that’s all I found.  Seems I exhausted all my Yard Sale Karma Friday morning!  This weekend’s price tag:  $87.  I’ll take it!

Hope y’all had just as much fun Junkin’ this weeked as I did!



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24 responses to “The Early Bird Passes on Krispy Kreme

  1. WOW you got some GREAT stuff at a fabulous price!!! I always LOVE it when I stumble upon a fabulous sale!

  2. Well, look at you missy! What a score on all of that, you will be good to go in that antique booth. Some weeks are great & some not so great, I had a good one too. Glad for you also, loved your story. Those hosts sounded pretty funny!

    • mymonkeyhill

      I am still buzzing with excitement!
      Wish the Longest Yard Sale extended down here to Mobile…maybe I’ll make a trip to Birmingham to participate next year.

  3. You’re so right – its as much about the story as the haul! What awesome finds and in record time LOL

    Good luck with your stall, I hope you make loads 😀

    • mymonkeyhill

      Anny – as for making loads, it’s more about having somewhere to put the loads than is about making loads! 🙂

  4. Great job – and isn’t it fun ! Love the table in the middle in the best !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  5. Wow, lots of great finds at great prices! Love the corner shelf, and the baker’s rack, and that little hutch in the last picture. I can understand your excitement, because you did great!

    • mymonkeyhill

      The hutch in the last picture is my favorite too. A little bit of paint and some new knobs…can we say, ‘shabby’?

  6. Sounds like you guys are all set for your booth now! Way to go!

  7. OK, I stuck with you, totally worth the weirdos. Who drinks beer that early?? Maybe at lunch time on vacation, lol. Great finds!!

  8. That was some shopping spree. Love all of your great finds.

  9. Wow, you got some neat stuff. I’m still laughing at the lady in the coconut bra drinking a beer at 7:00 AM lol too funny. Lots of luck with your new venture!


    • mymonkeyhill

      I think the whole crew would have been a *hoot* to hang out with…at least for a bit. But alas, the clock was ticking!

  10. I must tell you this about that chest: my ex husband has one and almost sold his at his garage sale last week; but his bottles are amber. He has had it for over 25 years. how funny when I saw yours. I’ll email him the pic, ;he’ll get a kick out of yours. He doesn’t have the shot glasses anymore. But I remember them!

  11. Ms. Sharlotte's...Southern Reflections

    Too funny! I’ll bet that sale was a HOOT!
    Man, you got a lot of really great things ~ I can practically see you running through that house!

  12. Loved this post! I, too, don’t get the idea of beer that early–but with the items you snagged, who cares???
    Wonder what this week will hold for you?
    I know I’m a little late this week–just playing catch-up this evening. Hope to see you over my way soon…

    • mymonkeyhill

      I think I am going to try my pre-work luck once again. You never know unless you venture out…I guess that applies to all sorts of things. Hmmmm…the philosophical side of yard saling?

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