Happy Bumblebees

(Note:  I don’t have any readers at this point but want to share my thoughts nonetheless.)

Remember the Blind Melon video featuring the Bumble Bee Girl? 

The story of the video being that the Bumble Bee girl tried so hard to spread a little joy even after being constantly rejected by people that didn’t care to receive it?  We all cheered when, at the end of the video, she discovered a field of other Bumble Bees where they openly welcomed her to an afternoon of fun and frolic.

Well by golly, I have found my Bumble Bees!  No more eye-rolling or blank stares from my non-yard-saling friends, that just don’t understand the thrill of the hunt.  How lucky am I that I can hop over to blogland and share all of my yard sale finds with people that are just as eager to share their finds with me!    I encourage you to scoot on over to SouthernHospitalityBlog and join the party, already in progress.  But before you go, sing it with me…

“All I can say is that my life is pretty plain…”


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