The Vanity Chair in Socks

Junkin’ has become even more exciting now that I’ve shifted the purpose of my excursions ever so slightly to include items that would be perfect for the booth.  No longer do I have to think to myself, ‘but what would I do with it?’  Every now and then, however, a little treasure will present itself to me, and only me.  Its as if it speaks to me…’can I come live at your house?’ I think I might be considered The Junk Whisperer.

This oh-so-cute vanity chair was sitting off to the side at one of the yard sales mama and I recently happened upon (yeah right).  Shyly kicking the dirt, wanting desperately to be recognized for the potential she knew she had, our eyes met.  It was obvious to me that she once proudly referred to herself as a ‘vanity chair’ by the many years of use she had seen.  Besides, is it possible to have the name ‘vanity’ and not be proud?  She was coming home with us and we were going to make her beautiful again!

She now proudly prisses about knowing she is the only vanity chair around that wears socks!  Sashay shante’!  Strut your stuff, girl!


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One response to “The Vanity Chair in Socks

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I like yours too. Your vanity chair looks like a kissing cousin to one I got last year (mine had been used as a piano bench). The ‘after’ pics are in this post:
    No socks though!

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