The Inspirational Whisker Graphics

I have been a secret admirer of Whisker Graphics for quite some time.  I first stumbled upon this shop when I was first introduced to Etsy.  Ever stumble upon a designer, whether its home furnishings, clothes, or stationery and say to yourself, “I want to be like her when I grow up”?  That’s how I feel about the mastermind behind Whisker Graphics.  The designs are clean without being too modern, feminine without being too, well, feminine.  I love, what I call, interactive paper.  Meaning, it’s stationery or a party invitation that requires some sort of interaction:  open here, pull this, etc.  The fortune cookie design fits this fetish of mine to a tee!  That brings me to another awesome feature of this shop.  There are a number of designs you can purchase so you can edit them yourselves and print them at your leisure.  Brilliant, just brilliant!

You’ll notice Whisker Graphics is one of the few sites on my blogroll.  I have a weak spot for people that have a dream and put their minds to it to make it happen.  That is definitely the case of this happy little shop.  Won’t you go take a looksie?


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  1. Well, that is just the nicest write up EVER! How sweet are you!? Thanks so much for the kind words and blog love. I’m honored to be on your blog roll. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a lovely comment and suggestion!

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