Now All I Need is a Bell

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to have a “shop”.  You know, a little cottage type place with a bay window of which I would decorate according to the season.  People would come in just to tell me my Back to School display is the cutest they’d ever seen!  I’d win the award in the local style magazine for “Shop We Can’t Leave Without Taking Home a Little Something”.  I’d have a tinkle bell over the door.

When I was little, I use to put price tags on all of my toys and open up “shop” in my bedroom.  I’d post signs throughout the house letting my family know the shop was open to come in and browse around.  My daddy was my most loyal customer.  He’d always buy the big ticket items, and would even give them back when I closed my “shop”!  With the money I made, he taught me that I had to save it to buy more merchandise, to pay for advertising, and to pay the power bill.  Running a “shop” wasn’t as easy as I thought!

Fast forward twenty years and I am starting to live out that dream of mine.  As you know, my mama and I share a booth at the local antique mall.  I opened this blog with a backstory of how it all started.   Here we are a month into the venture and I thought it might be time to share a few pics.

Let me first say, we have a ways to go.  Lord knows I could share the many pics of inspirational antique booths I’ve found in blogland, but I wouldn’t dare put them side by side with my little booth.  I’m afraid my fragile ego couldn’t stand it!  I remind myself its only the first month, and I have plenty of time to transform it into the happiest little booth in the mall!

Now all I need is a bell over the door.

booth booth 1

(If you read the story of me passing on the Krispy Kreme that fateful Friday before work, or the blatantly obvious reason why I don’t have children, you probably recognize a few pieces.)



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2 responses to “Now All I Need is a Bell

  1. Good luck with your shop, I think it’s adorable! I think it would be so fun to open a shop like this, I’m excited to see how it goes for you 🙂

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