Monsoons and Chevrolets

OK, so I’m late getting my post up for my Saturday junkin’ excursion…what can I tell ‘ya?  I am adding to this post because I, along with the finds below, have decided to particpate in the Thrifty Treasures party over at the Southern Hospitality blog.  Yes, I know this post is a little dated, but I don’t get much traffic over here at Monkey Hill so it’s a new post to most!  Besides, much like the last time I participated in The Party, I am probably breakin’ all kinds of rules, but what can I say?  I have this strong desire to participate knowing there won’t be many parties ’til later on…kinda like savoring the last of the eggnog at New Year’s.  So let’s see….

I woke up to an absolute deluge, but that didn’t deter me from puttin’ on my yard salin’ shoes!  Granted I bypassed the flip flops and opted for the tennie pumps, knowing I would encounter many a soggy yard.  Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “Why would someone venture out in a monsoon to go yard saling?”  You see, rain will, in fact, keep most people in the bed early on a Saturday morning, so that means more opportunities for us die hards.  And while I didn’t exactly hit the mother lode (or is it motherload?), I am proud of my treasures, most of which have already made their way to the booth.

See that rocking chair?  $3.00.  And you know what?  He whispered to me on the way home that he’s rocked over 10,000 miles!

And that three tiered, what I call, chotzkie table?  $3.00.  It’s already being prepped for a makeover.  I’ll share before and after pictures later.

Oh, but wait!  The desk top clock was only a quarter.  So was the six shelf file organizer of which I am actually keeping for myself.  I make custom invitations on the side for a little extra yard salin’ money so its perfect for my over abundance of cardstock.

That antique clock on the mantle has to be an antique, right?  Oh wait…that is an electrical cord, isn’t it?  Hmmmm…. Oh well, it was only $1.00. I’m not sure if we’ll have any takers at the booth, but for a buck, its worth a shot to offer it up for the taking.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite things about yard salin’ (in addition to landing the Big One) is encountering interesting folks.  This past Saturday, I stopped at Rite Aid to get a Coke and a pack of crackers for breakfast…I know, I know.  Breakfast of champions, right?  Well, I purposefully stopped here to get cash back, hopefully in $5’s and $1’s.  When I made my request to the cashier, I explained I was going yard salin’ so I needed to have the right kinda money.  Her eyes lit up as she shared the story of landing an entire bedroom suite for only $75!  It’s funny how us yard salers have our stories of “The Day We Hit the Jackpot”.  I imagine its akin to people that collect antique cars.  My uncle, who is such an enthusiast, says that all car collectors have a story of how they happened upon an old 1957 Chevrolet in the far reaches of some old ladie’s barn off a dusty road in the middle of nowhere.  And not knowing the value of the car, the old lady sells it for practically nothing just to ‘get it out of the way.’

It’s my hope of the dusty ‘ol Chevrolet that drives this yard saler into a monsoon early on a Saturday morning.

Rock Mith Me! Table Pitcher Clock

File Organizer Tic Toc



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2 responses to “Monsoons and Chevrolets

  1. Cool, love your story – we garage salers are deal finders and it is so much fun to talk to others that love the same deals !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

    • mymonkeyhill

      Indeed! For me, it feels a little like joy with a dash of jealousy. “WOW! I am so excited you got that widget for only $.50…you lucky dawg!”

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