Record Breaking Attendance

…For me that is.  All in all, I attended 13 yardsales this weekend!  Surely there’s a prize for that or somethin’?  I am sad to say, it’s the tale of quantity vs. quality.  Maybe I should have scrounged up one more sale so my final count would have been a luckier number, but I only came home with these few finds.  But hey, at least I can share in the joy of some of the finds of the folks participating in the Thrifty Treasures Party at the Southern Hospitality Blog.

I was tickled to stumble upon this unique piece.  Have y’all ever seen a wicker chair with a back like this one?  I haven’t, so of course that makes it more of a reason to come home with me.

Wicker Chair

This little mirror called out to me.  Oddly enough, there’s dirt in the crevices of the detail.  One could only imagine why…I immediately think of my, what I call second mother, who completely lost her home to the wrath of Katrina.  When they went back to the spot they use to call home (mind you, the home was wiped clean to the foundation), they found one of her favorite ceramic plates, buried in mud, fully in tact.  Perhaps this little mirror can share with us exactly what happened that day in August, 2005.

Little Mirror

And last, but not least oh-so very least is this chair that, well, I am not sure what possessed me to buy it.  It just ain’t pretty.  It’s orange, y’all! I think it was a cross between the fact that this was probably yardsale #11 that I visited and I hadn’t found anything spectacular as well as the fact that this avocado utility cart sold pretty quickly in our booth at the local antique mall, so I thought “Hmmmm, what if we have a regular visitor that is gung-ho for all things retro…let’s call it bait and see if they bite!”   I will say I found it quite interesting at what a difference a simple pillow makes in masking the ugliness, ummm, not-so-prettiness of this chair.  Lipstick and rouge, lipstick and rouge.  Take a look:

Not-So-Pretty ChairNot-so-pretty chair with pillow

That’s it.  Like I said, it was quantity, not quality this week.  I will say, it was so humid this past Saturday morning, my feet were soaking wet from the dew of all the lawns I trampled this weekend.  Hope y’all had better luck than I did!



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2 responses to “Record Breaking Attendance

  1. tonya

    I love your stuff! I so long for yard sales!

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