Oh, the Neglect…

Like, not getting your teeth cleaned every six months, or changing the air filter in your air conditioner, or the battery in your smoke alarm.  Neglect.  I find myself secretly hoping there are a few folks out there that are waiting with baited breath for me to say something, but I am afraid that when I call upon an audience, I will hear nothing but crickets….chirp, chirp, chiiiirpp.

But let me tell ya.  I’ve been chauffeuring this fella around all week, looking for an opportunity to make him available.  And he’s ‘Oh so Handsome’, just like I knew he would.  He’s proud to have tossed away the Carhart Overalls, and he’s even resurrected his pencil thin mustache–dapper is the perfect adjective!!  Only, I haven’t slowed down long enough to pose him for his ‘Coming Out Party’ portrait…’Hello?!  I am ready for my close-up!’ is the phrase I’ve heard everyday this week from the backseat of the car.

And, I’ve got great plans for the Harvest Sale at the mall…I’m thinking of introducing a few stationery items just for the occasion.  Did somebody say, ‘Tie One On?” But you know, well, life gets in the way and it just ain’t happenin’ at the speed of which I wish it would.

Such is life.


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One response to “Oh, the Neglect…

  1. Gregory

    Tie one on! Ha!

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