I Present…Dapper Dan!

Without further adieu, I present, Dapper Dan.  (Read Dan’s story here.)  The delay in bringing Dan to y’all is not because of the inefficiency of the resident creative talent, aka Mama, but more so because of the laziness of yours truly.  I regret that we don’t have a before picture of Dan, but if you take to heart my description of the day we met him, you’ll know he was just a trusty ‘ol brown piano bench.  Look at him now:

Dapper Dan

With all the rage for the white shabby look, I am finding I am partial to the black shabby, especially in the case of a fella that use to have a scruffy beard and wear Dickie pants.  When Mama set Dan up for his photo op, I said, “Looks like Dan held up a lot of piano playin’  asses over the years!”  For one thing, it was evident by the wear on the seat, but Dan was quick to confirm it to be fact.

Mama took a quick glance over Dan’s way to find him smoothing his eyebrows and twirling his pencil thin mustache.  I think he’s excited about the notion of starting a new life in a new home.  Mama guided me by the arm and we stepped outside.  “Get this,” she said excitedly.  “Turns out, Dan has always had a dream of being a Sumo wrestler!”  “Really,” I questioned, “but he’s not, ummm, well…Sumo?”  “I know that silly, but everybody has dreams.  We aren’t real shop owners but we like to pretend,” Mama reminded me.  “So I thought he’d appreciate the extra Asian persuasion.  You know, I am all about facilitating someone’s dream.”

Take a look at what Dan looks like all opened up:


I never would have guessed the Dickie-work-pant-wearing, scruffy-beard-having piano bench would turn into such a Dapper Dan.  And with dreams of one day becoming a Sumo wrestler no less!  But hey, I am proud to have made Dan’s acquaintance and hope he brings the same suprises to the lives of the new owners as he has ours.

Best of Luck Dapper Dan —


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