The Eavesdropper

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We typically only define chapters in our lives after they have happened. “That’s when I was my happiest.” Or, “That’s a chapter in my life that I hope I never have to relive.” Have you ever been fortunate enough to see a chapter of your life come to an end?  To be given the opportunity to read over your own shoulder in anticipation of what will happen next?  I have been given that opportunity and I am living it now.

I’m scared, I am excited, I’m nervous, I feel foolish, and I am hopeful, all at the same time.  Two different mindsets, racing toward each other like runaway trains.  Soon they will collide.  Soon…I think I am going to be sick.  Yes, dramatic is most certainly what I am being, however I will forgive myself for now.  Until then, will someone please pass me the Rolaids?

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*I hope you don’t mind Henderson Highschool Library, but I helped myself to your open book photo.


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One response to “The Eavesdropper

  1. Exciting times. You’ve made an opportunity, now make the best of it. Simple, huh?

    Now I have Soul Asylum’s “Runway Train” playing in my head. I love that song. Thanks!

    Good luck Monkey!

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