“Check, Check, 1…2…1…2. Check”

It’s a roller coaster folks, and you’re along for the ride whether you like it or not!  The girl that was high on life just recently (Dr. Seuss and Chocolate Covered Strawberries, remember?)  is starting to feel a little unsure of herself.  I’m not quite sure what happened.  The pep in my step is diminishing and I don’t know how to hang on to it.  The few things I accomplished today didn’t really seem like accomplishments, perhaps because I don’t feel as though I did anything to justify a giant “check mark for completion”.  I am looking back on my day and it felt as though it all took place in slow motion yet, the sun went down pretty quickly, marking the end of a day of opportunity…of which I didn’t take advantage of.  Damn it.

So I smack myself across the back of the head and say “Snap out of it, girl!  Tomorrow is another day!”  The alarm clock is set and the coffee pot is made.  A dear friend of mine reminded me that I should get back to some sort of routine so starting tomorrow, its back to the two obligatory cups of coffee.   That’s two giant check marks right off the bat!  At this point, I’ll take all the check marks I can get.


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