Got Humor? Check!

fabric softener

Gain Fabric Softener - Not Detergent!

So last night I admitted I was feeling a little unsure of myself. As planned, I hit the ground running this morning with the help of two cups of coffee.  Productivity = Check Marks on the To-Do List = Accomplishments = Confidence.  I am determined to get it back.

Lucky for me, the confidence meter wasn’t phased when I realized that for at least the last month I’ve been “washing” my clothes with nothing but fabric softener!  “What the…?  Maybe its detergent WITH fabric softener??”  I visited the Gain website to confirm.  Remember, I’ve got a little time on my hands these days.  See for yourself:

No wonder this “detergent” seemed kinda thin, and my clothes so soft they were almost slippery!  (That’s what happens when you “wash” your clothes with fabric softener and toss in two fabric softener sheets when you put them in the dryer.)

It was a simple oversight on my part and really could happen to anyone.  I guess in my mind, fabric softener belongs in a box in the form of sheets and detergent in a bottle.  The moral is, I have enjoyed a good laugh in spite of myself. So check mark for me in maintaining a sense of humor.  “Check!”


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