Freeloader on Board

I think its time.  Time to start looking for a job.   I came to this realization after having a wonderful meal at Fuego and post dinner cocktails at Cortlandt’s Friday night, then sauteed crab claws and Southern Pecan draft beer Saturday night culminating with a fabulous Sunday brunch at Cafe 615.  These are not activities typically performed by the unemployed my friend.  And to top it off, I hardly paid for a thing! <Enter pouty sad face here>

Make no mistake.  I am not bragging about “having left my wallet at home”.  I am touched by the generosity of my friends over the last two months, however I am starting to get a little embarrassed.  And I am sure they are tired of carrying my weight.  So I’ve spent this afternoon pondering how I could ever repay them?  Simply saying ‘thank you’, in all its humble glory, just doesn’t seem like enough.

I have a few ideas, even a trick or two in mind.  I just hope I can pull it off before my friends stop taking my phone calls.


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