Figure skaters and sex kittens, 18 seconds of song, dinner for 20 vs. dinner for two.  The cocktail appreciation society, a stark reminder, and a promise.  Bows up and wrinkled noses, plastic lips and bags of tricks, disposable bathing suits available and optional.  Camera eavesdropper and conversation creator, alpha females and ruffled feathers, absent fiances and a slip of a card.  Forty-eight hours or 48 years? Firm grips of the arm and a flood of bad memories, a private concert and a different perspective.  A recap of the nightcap served sunny side up, open house for the open minded, a church of distractions.  Beer for those that don’t drink beer, not gonna do this and I won’t do that, and a question I am glad to have posed.

How was your weekend?



Filed under Life, Random Musings

3 responses to “CliffsNotes

  1. David

    Was this on the original version of the Declaration of Independence in invisible ink?

  2. AE

    If this were Facebook, I would have chosen the “like” button!

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