Brandi Carlile – Fertilizer for the Heart

I knew I would do it.  I called it in the beginning.  I started crying the second Brandi Carlile opened her mouth.  Are you fortunate enough to be touched by music so deeply?  Is it possible for your heart to break for good reasons?  Right after the moment my picture was taken for showing my outward emotion (??)  I was posed this question:

“If it’s so good, then why do you say it breaks your heart?”  I am certain my response was in a tone that conveyed my amazement as to why I had to explain.  “Because it’s beautiful.”  Duh.

It occurred to me I need to find a better way to explain why the sound of this woman’s voice makes me cry.  Noone ever said a broken heart was always a bad thing, but because the thought of a broken heart conjures up negativity, I have obviously made a poor choice of words.

The physical feeling I get when I hear her sing feels almost exactly the way my heart feels when it’s broken. That’s the reason for the broken heart association, with all its inaccuracy.  So I need help here.  My heart grows.  As if my exposure to her singing helps expand my heart to make room for more beautiful things.

What’s the word to describe that?


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One response to “Brandi Carlile – Fertilizer for the Heart

  1. Gregory

    I wonder if what you’re doing is sort of like people who terrify themselves with roller coasters and horror movies. Why would people line up to scare themselves.

    I guess it’s the same thing with heartbreak. People listen to Brandi Carlile, enjoy it, and have that emotion. Or for me, I’m reading a book where I know the end is going to be bad. It is going to break my heart, but I read and enjoy it anyway.

    Maybe it makes us feel alive. Maybe it’s exercise for the psyche.

    I sure don’t know the word for the feeling, but I understand it.

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