Blessed are Nights Like These

Blessed are the nights like these.  When the sultriness of the night weighs on you like chain mail.  To be witness to those that take advantage of the opportunity to slip away from reality.  Sure I’ve been witness to such an occasion more than once while in the City that Care Forgot.  But to witness it in the genteel Mobeel, well that’s just downright noteworthy.

And what’s even more noteworthy is to be given permission to watch as a simple onlooker.  In the corner, with a luke warm beer as my companion.

“Go ahead,” they said, with reckless abandon.  “But will you hold my purse?”


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One response to “Blessed are Nights Like These

  1. wayne tyson

    I love your blogs. They seem to speak to others, as well as they speak of your friends.

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