Time to Analyze

I dream often it’s just rare that I remember and its even more rare that a dream sticks with me well into the morning.  This is one of those so I have to get it out of my head and out into the cosmos.  I can identify the origin of some of the content, but  not all.  Care to give it a shot?

Me cooking cod fish = Watching Daisy Cooks last night, a cooking show on PBS where the hostess was cooking mussels and cod fish for a dinner party.  Daisy advised us that you have to be careful with cod fish because it’s very delicate and can flake apart.  Turns out I remembered that snippet as I was very gentle with the fish in my dream.

Living in a wrecked house with broken furniture where my roommates consisted of AE, a girl I use to work with, and some other people I didn’t know = Well, umm, I’m not sure.  I’m gonna have to dig into that one.  Wrecked house = my house not selling?  Broken furniture = Good Lord, the sky’s the limit on that one!  Broken heart?  Broken dreams?  Being broke!  I understand being roommates with AE, but not the girl I use to work with.  Maybe because I thought she was hot, and who doesn’t want to have hot people hanging around?

AE and I attending a Baptist church service where AE fled the church when the preacher attempted to cover the entire congregation with a giant blanket.  And later I witnessed stage props collapse on top of the participants of a sketch.  Let’s see, I always find it particularly interesting when I dream about religion.  This dream didn’t have a very positive overture so I am not sure what that’s about.  I personally enjoyed church this past Sunday as it addressed something that I’ve been struggling with for quite some time now.  Just sayin’.  So what’s it all mean?  I know AE doesn’t have a problem with organized religion, but I am not sure how she feels about giant blankets.  As for the collapsing props…ooh, the rescheduling of the Jimmy Buffett concert out of fear the integrity of the stage would be compromised?  That seems silly and I should be ashamed that I would even mildly compare Jimmy Buffett to a church play.

On a side note, kudos to me for getting the grass cut just in the nick of time!  Now I hope it rains all day.  My air conditioner, of which has been running 24/7 for the past three weeks, could certainly use a break.


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