Art. That is All.

**For all of my Cliff’s Notes followers, this is a very graphic (no, not that kind of graphic) post, of which will serve no purpose unless you see the pictures I’ve shared.**

If you’ve ever shopped for art, or rather, prints needed to take up wall space in your dwelling (Think Old Time Pottery, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby) I know for a fact you’ve seen this print:

Jack Vettriano "The Singing Butler"

You may have even seen other prints such as this one:

Jack Vettriano

Or even this one.

Jack Vettriano

But did you know he also produced art such as the following, of which I know for a FACT I’ve never seen at the aforementioned retail outlets:

"Night Calls II" Jack Vettriano

Yes, thigh-highs are uncomfortable but I have to admit, they are sexy.

"Along Came a Spider" Jack Vettriano

Same with long satin gloves.  And yes, I’ve worn them before.

"The Embrace of the Spider" Jack Vettriano

Are those suspenders I see?

Pincer Movement by Jack Vettriano

"Pincer Movement" by Jack Vettriano


"Dancer for Money" Jack Vettriano

Again, thigh-highs.  And a prominent cigarette.  I don’t think this painting would have been as hot without it.

"Motel Love II" Jack Vettriano

Another cigarette.  Two as a matter of fact.

"Game On" Jack Vettriano

Yeah.  Umm…


There you have it.  In addition to giving credit to the artist, I also wanted to share the oh-so smart names of the paintings.  Plus, I’m thinking it hasn’t been since the Virginia Slims lady that smoking has been so sexy.  And did I mention I’m a sucker for suspenders?  I’ll stop while I’m ahead with my own commentary because it seems I’ve gotten a bit carried away.   That is all.

(P.s.  Don’t think I don’t hear the snide comments.)


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