Who Really Cares?

What is the determining factor of someone’s type?  C’mon, you know what I mean by ‘type’.  Chest hair?  No socks?  Beer guzzler?  Cowboy hat?  Hair product?  Intellectual?  I guess everyone has a ‘type’, but the question is, what is the differentiation between your type and the type that someone else has in mind for you?  What is it that they’re seeing that you don’t even realize you’re portraying?  Meaning, if you have in mind your type, and they have in mind something different…what does that mean?  What are you sharing with the world?  I suppose the better question should be…

Who really cares?  However, I still wonder.



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3 responses to “Who Really Cares?

  1. Monkey Hill

    Ahhh, the post midnight blog post strikes again.

  2. GB

    I always want to know the backstory behind these late night posts.

    Is Comic Sans a type? Or just a font?

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