Fantasy Flight with Formula One

Rarely has their been a flight where I didn’t fantasize about being seated next to Mr. Cool, Traveling, Drink of Water.  I’d tell him I’m a gynecologist and was part of the panel of researchers that found the G spot.  He’d buy me a gin and tonic and share that he’s a Formula One race car driver.  “Did you know your eyes match the color of your sweater?” He’d say.  “Really?”  I’d respond with a coy smile.

Our deep gaze would be interrupted by the pilot announcing that we were about to start making our decent.  He’d scramble to learn what connection I was making, and I’d offer a light touch of his arm and a heart felt ‘thanks for the cocktail’. 

Ahhh but this scene shall remain a fantasy, at least for now.  Formula One didn’t find his way to seat 6C. Instead he gave it up for Cathy the cartoon character. 

That’s okay.  There’s always the connecting flight.


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