“Oui, oui, Senorita.”

I dined at a local sushi restaurant after work tonight.  The hostess cheerfully greeted me by saying, “How many in your party?”.  Umm.  It’s just me.  “Take out?” she asked.  No, I’d like to stay for a bit.  Sake’ in a styrofoam cup is just as bad as beer in a styrofoam cup — a fact of which she was unaware.  My contribution to making the world a little better place.

Anyway, my adventures in dining alone is not the theme of tonight’s blog.  Rather, it’s sex with someone of Asian decent.  (No holding back, remember.)    I dated a guy that had an Asian fetish.  He could spot a hot Asian woman a mile away! Sometimes they were hot; sometimes… not so much.  So in listening to the waitress communicate with the sushi chefs, it got me to thinkin’:  What does it sound like when Asian people talk dirty?  Notice I said, ‘sound’.  I am not curious about what they say.  Rather, how does it sound?  Think about it… Now compare it to the love scene featuring a Frenchman, or a Spaniard.  

Oui, oui, Senorita.”  

So why aren’t Asian men ever cast in the sweep-me-off-my-feet-and-rock-me-all-night-long roles?  Or even the make-sweet-sweet-love-t0-me-role?  And what about Indian men?  I’m not asking about Pacific Islanders or Scandinavians.  There are a lot of Asian and Indian men in this country!  Aren’t white (yes, I said white) women equal opportunity pleasers?  Aren’t we sleeping around with everyone?  Why haven’t I heard the juicy details?!

Just curious…thinking of Googling it.  If only I had an audience that could give me real feedback.  (Gonna work on that.)


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  1. AE

    Me love you long time.

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