Any Given Tuesday

I drove my 20 minutes in to work today in complete silence.  Without the distractions of talk radio, I made a few observations:

The kid sitting by himself on the school bus.  I wonder if he’s nervous about a quiz?  A girl?  I wonder if his parent’s fought last night?  Is he afraid someone is going to beat him up and take his snack?  Again.  Maybe he’s thinking about the design plan for the next super-computer, or the DNA make-up of some creature found only in the Amazon.  Maybe he’s thinking of nothing at all.

It’s cool that we Share the Road with bicyclists, but aren’t they all sweaty by the time they peddle in to work?  He must be a personal trainer.  Or a heavy equipment operator.  Or he just doesn’t care that he’s all sweaty by the time he makes his way to his cubicle.

I’m glad to see they’re making progress on the Technical College that’s been under construction for 2+ years.  I’m pretty sure there’s a reason they chose the 3 acres that sit directly across from the convenient store that has been “serving ice cold Bud products for over 50 years” and offers 3 packs of Kools at a discount.

Two women are walking into their respective places of employment.  The look on the face of the woman wearing the mandatory fast food cap and faded polo shirt is quite different than that of the woman carrying a Thermos of coffee and a bagged lunch.  Thank you Mama and Daddy.


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