Workplace Cleanliness (Or lack thereof)


This is by far the most graphic, disgusting post I’ve ever written, but I’ve just GOT to get this off my chest.  

Why do we have to hang signs in our workplace break rooms that read:  “I am a recycling bin; not a trash can.”  “We’ve done a great job keeping the gnats away.  Please dispose of food properly.”   “Your mama doesn’t work here.  Please clean up after yourself.”

I’ll tell you why — Because someone got fed up.  People don’t like gnat distractions in general, much less while they’re concentrating on work and they also don’t like having their microwaved lunch taste of kimchee because the person before them failed to clean up their splatter.  

Your brain has conjured up an image of a man right now hasn’t it? 

Men shouldn’t take all the blame for being the designated slobs of the two sexes.  Lord knows women can be quite disgusting!  And while I can understand a nasty BAR bathroom, I don’t understand a nasty Fortune 500 company bathroom.  Who doesn’t take the time to properly dispose of their hand towel?  It’s a giant garbage can with a rather large opening just a reach away from the sink!  And if you have bad aim?  Bend down, pick it up, and try again!  And how can one pee on the seat of a toilet in a well-lit stall just steps away from where they work 9 hours a day?  I just don’t get it.  

So what drove me to this post?  What sent me running to the blogosphere to send out rhetorical questions into the void?  I’ll tell you what it was.  It was vomit.  Yep.  In the women’s restroom.  Of a Fortune 500 company.  No attempts at a clean-up.  Just…there.

Lucky me, I came eye to eye with the culprit shortly thereafter.  After looking down my nose at her I asked, “Are you pregnant?”  She looked at me, kinda puzzled like, “No?  But my Mama works here.”

I think it’s time for me to call it a day.


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