Monkey Who?

Do y’all know the story of Monkey Hill?  Monkey Hill was constructed back in the 1930’s to show the children of New Orleans what a hill looks like.  (When you live in a bowl, you don’t encounter hills.)  Since the city itself is below sea level it is said the Monkey Hill was once the tallest point in the city.  Now it’s the site of one helluva playground at the Audubon Zoo.

So you’re here and you might want to hear a little about me…the Monkey behind the Hill, I suppose.  I am just a regular ‘ol gal with a desire to every now and again, jot down a few thoughts.  Sometimes silly, sometimes personal, sometimes serious but mostly irrelevant to everyone but me.  That’s OK, this is my playground so I will use it as I wish.


4 responses to “Monkey Who?

  1. Mary

    Congratulations on your blog! I love your writing style. That’s funny about Monkey Hill. Now I suppose the High Rise might be a little higher. It hard for us flat-landers to make it to the top and not put the brakes on as we fall over to the other side! Just kidding. I’m from Picayune and would like to encourage you to keep writing.

  2. Jennifer

    I lived in NOLA for a few years when I was in the USCG. Fell in love with a city that I hated when I first moved there. Now I miss it like crazy and my living room is full of the cliche fleurs and whatnots. Love Monkey Hill! Got engaged at the zoo. I hope you write more, I will be bookmarking your site.

    • Monkey Hill

      So what you’re saying is, “You Know What it Means, to Miss New Orleans”? You’re comment has inspired me to get back to bloggin’. Thank you!

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