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Storm Surge of Memories

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Flashback Post – 2/16/2010

I’ve often said there is one positive side to a hurricane.  It’s one of the few times when everyone works together to achieve a common goal.  Whether in preparation for the storm, or post-storm clean up, people that have lived on the same street for years meet for the first time to offer assistance in hanging plywood over windows.  Strangers share precious resources like ice and gasoline.  There’s a collective sense of pride in the community.

I dusted off this excerpt in an attempt to transform the thoughts in my head into a coherent post about the hurricane my friends and family are facing back home.  Only, my thoughts aren’t entirely about Isaac, more so;  Katrina.  Or rather the effects of:

  • AE taking on 5 ft of water in her childhood home
  • DJ and the Southern Living home wiped clean from the slab.  Piano in the bayou, king sized bed across the interstate, a porcelain platter unscathed
  • AH and the mold that began growing immediately rendering her daddy’s home uninhabitable
  • BD and his bag of savings – and I’m not talking about money.
  • DD; presumably drowned
  • J the sushi chef; I’m afraid to ask

This storm that is Isaac will by no means be a catastrophe.  The real catastrophe lies in the fact that this storm is making landfall on the anniversary of Katrina.  A quick internet search on the current status of the situation returned this editorial from nola.com (the website for the newspaper in New Orleans)*:

…despite that relative weakness, Isaac’s forecasted landfall during a week (of which) we’ll be raw with Katrina memories was another emotional wallop we would have preferred to live without.

I live in a part of the country where the mention of Hurricane Katrina conjures up images of people standing on rooftops waving for help while Help was playing golf.  And while that image represents a large part of the story that is Hurricane Katrina, it’s not the whole story.   To me Katrina represents something very personal.  Not because of my own personal story (One week without power and a few downed tree limbs ain’t a big deal) but for the people mentioned above whose lives changed forever because of Her.  To me these people represent the power of the human spirit.  The understanding that we have to mourn our losses.  The fortitude, that is courage in the face of adversity, to move on.  And the pride to do it all the better the next time around.

While it’s not fair Mother Nature chose THIS anniversary week to deliver another hurricane, I am certain the people mentioned above are sitting back and saying, “Heh…80mph winds.  Is that ALL you’ve got?”



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